Acknowledgement – Something you need to know about selling on

Acknowledgement – Something you need to know about selling on

Unlike other sales channels like eBay or Amazon where once you get the sale, it is yours, has a process that after a sale takes place the seller needs to acknowledge the order within 15 minutes to keep the order. If the order is not acknowledged within 15 minutes they could lose the order if there is another seller available to take it.

This is a challenge for sellers as a sale could take place at any time and a small business owner could be anywhere including asleep at the time of a sale. Selling on will require sellers to use software to help with getting listing on and with their order management and workflow with the orders to ensure that once they get the sale, they keep it.

Jet has created a great new marketplace but by choice has challenged sellers to get selling on the channel through their own means. No user interface or easy listing process exists within Jet and so sellers who want to try the market are faced with finding a solution on their own to get going. The challenge does not end there however as I mentioned, once you get listed, you need to make sure you keep your sale by quickly being able to acknowledge the order where ever you are.

With our initial release of we will support the ability to acknowledge orders through our software so users can access the cloud based system on the go to confirm orders.

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