I want to list on Jet.com – where should I keep my images

I want to list on Jet.com – where should I keep my images

Within the List on Jet software, you can upload your images as part of the listing process. Each listing can contain up to 8 images and LoJ will store the image for you. Most sellers, however, are already on a sales channel and will be transitioning listings from an existing channel on to Jet.com. In this case, you may just want to use an existing image URL for your new Jet listings to help keep image maintenance as simple as possible.

One of our users noticed that their images were not being displayed upon Jet.com after being created. After connecting with Jet.com support, they found the root cause was that they were using PhotoBucket.com to store their images and listing using the image URL from PhotoBucket. Jet.com support confirmed they do not support PhotoBucket as a host so the user needed to migrate to a different hosting platform for their images.

If you do have existing images and listing using the image URL, you may want to confirm that your image host is supported by Jet.com in case you are having any issues with the images being displayed on your listing. If you use LoJ to host your images, you should not have any issues as we store the images on our own file server which is supported by Jet.com.

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