Receive guidance about which products to avoid selling on!

Receive guidance about which products to avoid selling on!

Although there are millions of options within the marketplace, there are certain products that cannot be sold. In order to enhance your experience, here is a list of which types of products to avoid when selling on Happy listing!

Products to Avoid When Listing on Jet:

  1. Any products that the U.S or state recognizes as illegal cannot be listed on
  2. Currently, alcoholic beverages cannot be sold; however, will consider selling wine and other alcoholic beverages on its site in the future.
  3. No live animals can be listed. In addition, any products created from endangered species, animals classified under the U.S. Endangered Species Act, or animals that produce ivory cannot be sold.
  4. Any vehicles that must have registration are currently not allowed.
  5. Drugs and controlled substances that are not legal over-the-counter (OTC), are not approved, or suggest illegal drugs are not permitted.
  6. Any explosive products or items that include dangerous or unsafe chemicals are not acceptable.
  7. Aside from wigs, human body parts cannot be sold.
  8. Guns, ammo, and gun parts are not permitted. Only retail partners can sell air or BB guns.
  9. Specific medical instruments that must be FDA approved or have not received approval or clearance from the FDA for OTC medical tools are not acceptable.
  10. Real property (and real estate), stocks (and other securities), and products that have been recalled are not allowed.
  11. Any items comprising tobacco or nicotine (including tobacco) cannot be listed on
  12. Any weapons, for instance switchblades and clubs, are not permitted. Keep in mind, retail partners can still sell certain knives such as kitchen and household.

Here’s a link to the product categories supports!

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