partners with Emerald Brand partners with Emerald Brand partners with Emerald Brand! There is a great opportunity for small businesses to sell green products! The ultimate mission of Emerald Brand is to create sustainable products that consumers use on a daily basis such as cups, plates, soaps. One of Emerald Brand’s most popular products is their towel and tissue products that include the following benefits:
• BPA-Free
• Chlorine-Free
• USDA Bio-Preferred

Companies like and Emerald Brand are seeing changes in consumer preferences for healthier, safer products. This is only the beginning! Emerald Brand’s products are offered in’s household products category. They are currently offering the following items on
• Biodegradable Plant Starch Utensils
• Tree-Free Plates
• Tree-Free Facial Tissues
• Biodegradable Glass and Window Cleaner
• Tree-Free Toilet Paper
• Tree-Free Napkins
• Multi-Purpose Peroxide Cleaner

This partnership not only promotes environmental sustainability to consumers, but also promotes it to sellers listing on as well!’s Chief Revenue Officer, Scott Hilton, warmly welcomed Emerald Brand to the growing community. We are excited to see what the future holds for this newly formed partnership!

For additional information, CSR Wire touches more on this partnership in the following article.

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