Products you should consider selling on!

Products you should consider selling on!

Last week, I reviewed which products you should avoid selling on This week, I will discuss which products you should consider selling on and how they compare to Amazon.

The following products are cheaper on compared to Amazon, and can have the ability to increase your customer traffic:

  1. Health and Beauty Products
  2. Pet Supplies
  3. Electronics
  4. Baby Products
  5. Furniture
  6. Home and Garden Products
  7. Household Products
  8. Appliances
  9. Home Improvement Products
  10. Groceries

In the health and beauty category, won against Amazon in regards to selling cheaper products 86 percent of the time. On the other end of the spectrum, won against Amazon in cheaper prices in the groceries category 45 percent of the time. beat Amazon in the other listed product categories as well. In regards to offering better deals, won with their products being cheaper approximately half of the time or more in each category. This is quite significant when considering the fact that in all ten categories, only carried a fraction of Amazon’s selection.

As sellers, this is vital to consider when reaching the maximum amount of consumers as possible for your specific product offerings across your designated marketplaces. You have the opportunity to reap the benefits of selling the same products on as Amazon without necessarily being required to match your inventory on both.

For a closer look at the statistics in each product category, check out this article to view the comparisons!


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