Monthly Archives - May 2016

Selling on Now Easier than Ever

Over the past year, has made a name for itself in the ecommerce world and continues to impress. Ecomdash, one of the top inventory management platforms in the market, just recently announced it's integration with  That integration paired with the great services of now gives ecommerce businesses the ability to grow their business on the marketplace with ease.  They can utilize the efficiency and convenience of Ecomdash's inventory management software, while taking advantage of List on [...]

Marc Lore Enhances’s Company Culture

CEO of, Marc Lore, believes in open communication throughout the organization across all leadership levels. Enhancing's company culture can allow employees to increase creativity and cause employees to feel more connected with the ultimate mission of the organization. In this article, I will discuss Lore’s reasoning behind this and how he has accomplished this with!’s employees are able to view the company’s daily sales, the salaries of all employees, how many new customers visited the [...]

Frequently Asked Questions for List on Jet

We have received various questions from our List on Jetters and decided to share the most frequently asked questions for List on Jet (LoJ) from our current and future customers. Please let us know if this helped you! 1. Once my listings have been uploaded and synched to List on Jet, how long will it take to approve the listings which display, “Under Review”? [...]

What Differentiates from Amazon?

Some people classify and Amazon as competitors…others identify them as allies. Regardless of these opinions, there are a few key differences between these marketplaces. Amazon is known for its superb shipping and delivery processes; therefore, has had to find ways to distinguish itself from Amazon rather than replicate Amazon’s product offerings. Considering just launched in 2014, the public is wondering how such a new company is projected to accumulate $1 billion in sales by May 2016. [...]’s Vision and Values

When choosing which marketplaces to sell your products on, it is important to understand the ultimate vision and values of the company to ensure the company aligns with your personal goals and objectives when starting or expanding your business. tries to create a strong community of partners and members with the ultimate idea being that they are all a team and have to work together to succeed. In addition, the Jet marketplace makes a goal of working [...]