Marc Lore Enhances’s Company Culture

Marc Lore Enhances’s Company Culture

CEO of, Marc Lore, believes in open communication throughout the organization across all leadership levels. Enhancing’s company culture can allow employees to increase creativity and cause employees to feel more connected with the ultimate mission of the organization. In this article, I will discuss Lore’s reasoning behind this and how he has accomplished this with!’s employees are able to view the company’s daily sales, the salaries of all employees, how many new customers visited the website, and more! All of this is possible through’s app, “Jetstream”. Although is a private company, Lore believes in making information accessible to employees (even to the public!). Sharing information with everyone rather than only to higher levels of management is vital in encouraging employees to be successful in their jobs as well as build trust. Lore also believes that in order to empower others, you must supply them with information. In addition, Lore wants everyone to feel as if they are all a part of a bigger picture, and that their efforts mean something. Therefore, rather than give out bonuses to employees, each employee is given stock.

The satisfaction of employees is important to the quality of services that employees provide their sellers and buyers. If employees are happy, odds are merchants and shoppers will be as well!

For a glimpse of the Jetstream app, click here!

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