What makes shopping on Jet great?

What makes shopping on Jet great?

What makes shopping on Jet great for buyers and sellers? In this blog post, I will discuss what Jet.com automatically provides to customers when purchasing items from merchants on Jet.com.

Jet.com does not require a membership fee when initially joining its website. In addition, customers can increase the amount they save as they continue to shop since prices decrease in their shopping carts with the more items they add (buying in bulk can be a good thing). For orders equal to or greater than $35, buyers receive free shipping! If Jet customers are satisfied with the products in their cart, they have the opportunity to save even more by waiving the chance to return items. Lastly, customers can save 1.5% off their orders if they use a debit card. It’s always beneficial to sellers when Jet.com provides customers an incentive to purchase from the Jet marketplace.

Visit the Jet.com website to discover how you can position your business to increase sales!

Happy listing List on Jetters!

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