Boosting Delivery Performance Becomes a Priority for

Boosting Delivery Performance Becomes a Priority for is one of the few ecommerce companies out there to revamp their delivery through the launch of an intelligent fulfillment platform. Convey, the maker of the new platform, has created the software with the goal of providing faster shipping to customers through better delivery communication and optimized shipment execution. With the likes of branded communication, large-item returns, and personalized decision-making, hopes to vastly improve their delivery performance.

With the intelligent fulfillment platform, retailers are given the ability to key features including:

  • Flexible and proactive final-mile appointment scheduling
  • A customer service portal, which includes tracking, shipment scheduling, communication history, and much more!
  • Personalized decision-making based on qualitative and quantitative data of customers, orders, etc.
  • Large-item returns facilitation and management
  • Enhanced delivery communications never fails to surprise the ecommerce world as it continues to find new ways to improve itself. There are many doubters of being able to compete with Amazon, but as I see it the sky’s the limit for Jet.

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