Yearly Archives - 2017

Walmart and Partner with Tasty

An incredibly popular app, Tasty by BuzzFeed, has recently engaged in a partnership with Walmart and If you haven't downloaded the Tasty app, chances are you've seen their videos on Facebook or Twitter. Tasty produces step-by-step videos on how to cook all kinds of foods, from snacks and appetizers to entrees and desserts. In an interview with Cheddar , President Liza Landsman pointed out that, "Obviously we are very focused on this urban, affluent consumer where [...]

Black Friday 2017 – Results and Surprises

This year's Black Friday was predicted to be the biggest and most popular yet – and it didn't disappoint. Chicago, IL, one of the nation's biggest cities, saw a large increase in store traffic for Black Friday this year. Experts from the weather analytics firm Planalytics say that "Rainfall from Thanksgiving through the weekend was the lowest since 2013, and snowfall was the lowest in over 20 years," which played a serious role in the increase of foot [...]

Three Holiday eCommerce Tips for 2017

1) Test your website strength and speed If your site breaks down in holiday season, you’re in trouble. The infamous Best Buy Black Friday website crash in 2014 is a prime example. Black Friday is pretty much the one day of the entire year that you really don’t want your website to crash. The quicker and easier to navigate a website is, the more likely customers are to stay and browse. A website that takes more than 5-6 seconds [...] Releases “Uniquely J”

Earlier this week, launched a series of 'unique' products - their own products. has begun to make their own goods to sell on their platform. These products are daily household goods designed to be cheaper and more easily attainable than your typical name brand products from the store. calls their product line "Uniquely J." Uniquely J currently has released 5 categories of products: coffee, cleaning supplies, sauces & dips, food storage, and paper. Each product [...]

ModCloth Ready to Launch on

Just announced this week, over 600 ModCloth products will be launched on Founded in 2002, ModCloth is an American online fashion retailer featuring fun and trendy styles for all women. ModCloth had a humble beginning, as the retailer was created in a college dorm by Susan and Eric Koger. Due to the hard work and dedication by the founders, ModCloth now has offices in multiple major cities on both the West coast and East coast, accompanied by [...]

Walmart’s Highest Trades in Years

This has been a big week for Walmart. The company's shares are trading at amounts higher than they’ve seen since early 2015 - and just in the past few days, shares are over 4% higher. This impressive and promising improvement is a result of their announcement regarding their push for grocery ordering and pickup. Since the August 2016 acquisition, Walmart and Jet have both made steady improvements. Both companies help expand the other's horizons, and reach areas that neither [...]

Jet’s Unique Foundation

This summer, Jet and Walmart sent out multiple successful campaigns. These campaigns were specifically directed towards enhancing the 'online to offline' idea, where ecommerce meets storefronts. The campaigns involved products like groceries, fashion merchandise, and home décor. Through their efforts, Jet has made it clear that they are pushing to get ahead of competitor Amazon by becoming more popular and accessible in metropolitan areas. Like any house, a company cannot grow nearly as much without a strong foundation. [...]

Jet’s Partnership With Latch

Over the summer, Jet rolled out another campaign in New York City. Latch, a New York based lock company, was Jet's partner for the campaign. Latch is creating modern products that are revolutionizing the way that residents access their property. The campaign consisted of giving 1,000 of Jet's customers in New York City a new Latch product, paid for by Jet and Latch. The model that was used is the Latch R, which is considered a "smart access [...]

The Effect of Digital Marketing on Ecommerce

Slowly but surely, we're approaching 2018 and technology is changing by the day, the hour, and even the minute. Really – it's hard to keep up with it all. Modern technology is changing the way that producers and consumers interact and do business; so many transactions are being made online. Ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular because of its ease of access, convenience, and speed. If the marketplace is constantly changing and adapting, then a company's marketing strategy should [...]

Ecommerce Platforms Breaking Into The Grocery Industry

It’s no surprise that both and Amazon are working to find their way into the food market. In the United States alone, the grocery industry is worth over $53 billion. In June of 2017, Amazon took a major step in getting into the food industry. Their acquisition of Whole Foods has been all over the headlines recently, as everyone is curious about how the new partnership will affect how we get our groceries. Amazon has been rolling out [...]