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Should Amazon Investors Be Worried About and Wal-Mart Inc.?

Investors of Inc. do not seem to be too worried about Wal-Mart Stores Inc. strong step to entering the e-commerce market, if the trading is any indication. In reality, Wal-Mart just saw sales that could be viewed as a rebirth for the world’s biggest retailer. Buckle up because online shopping could become very competitive in the next few months. Amazon should be worried about certain things that Wal-Mart has utilized in achieving these sales. Mainly and even more [...]

Returns on List On Jet

This short blog post will be a how to on managing a return process within ListonJet for your orders. You’ll notice the ‘Returns’ tab on the side dashboard. Once you click ‘Returns’ pull down a list of created returns that need to be acknowledged in order to start being processed. You’ll also be able to see ones acknowledged, ones from the passed and ones that have been refunded on If you do have any active returns you can open [...]

Blog Series: Understanding Search Engines

In this part of the blog series I will talk about how search engines work. You need to understand basic principles regarding search engines to put action into driving your site more natural traffic and achieve those additional sales goals. When online shoppers are looking for a specific item there is one website that nearly half visit. Google. Search engines, such as Google are a gating technology. Search engines are very intricate pieces of software that crawl websites and [...]

How to Process Orders on ListOnJet!

Good day everyone! Today’s blog will be about how to access the ‘Orders’ piece of the application. If you begin by logging in and clicking ‘Orders’ on the side dashboard. Once you have arrived then click ‘Refresh’ to see what orders you have from at this time. If you select ‘Ready’ means you have orders that have been placed but then need to be acknowledged. If you select ‘Acknowledged’ you can click on the binoculars to see who purchased the [...]

Welcome to ListOnJet!

Welcome to ListOnJet! Today’s blog will be about how to get started on that free trial and what you need to get your store running. ListOnJet is the easiest way to get selling on You can get started at a low price for a reliable service that will help you expand your business online. Check out this detailed step-by-step process on how to start your free trial today: You’ll need to start by clicking the link that says ‘Start Free Trial.’ [...]

Blog Series: SEO

I am going to start to write blog mini-series when possible. These mini-series will consist of anywhere from two to six blogs about a certain topic that might be hot in the news, or requested by any of you following! If you have any requests make sure to follow us on social media and reach out! Twitter: ListonJet Facebook: Google +: ListonJet Email: Search engine optimization is an art and a science. Presence in search results is crucial to brand awareness. The [...]

How to Run the Runway Integration in List on Jet

This blog will be a “How to” on the Runway Integration within List on Jet. requires sellers to demonstrate a number of tasks to get their product API keys. If you click on the Runway Integration under the navigation bar, it will take you to the start, which lays out all the steps that requires from sellers in order for their products to go from test to live. Each step has the initiative, an explanation and how [...]