Blog Series: Understanding Search Engines

Blog Series: Understanding Search Engines

In this part of the blog series I will talk about how search engines work. You need to understand basic principles regarding search engines to put action into driving your site more natural traffic and achieve those additional sales goals.

When online shoppers are looking for a specific item there is one website that nearly half visit. Google. Search engines, such as Google are a gating technology.

Search engines are very intricate pieces of software that crawl websites and quickly retrieve information and based on algorithms return the results. There are trillions of pages on the Internet. When sought each page is identified and stored with a crawler or bot. As technology has evolved so have crawlers, where they have been programmed to find information in new ways. Google can now crawl some of JavaScript.

Search engines have had to address the needs of bots instead of shoppers, yet still fulfill search requests. Who is doing the searching? People, so people do still matter because most of us don’t want outdated information and to be sent to a site that hasn’t been touched since 2008. When they do visit a site like this, people leave.

When searchers can find a site that they enjoy, and reward them with the information necessary, they stay. In turn, search engines learn from this data and rank their data based off the searcher’s experience.

SEO straddles the line between catering to the bots that need to access the information, and the type of experience that shoppers prefer. The trick, for SEO, is being able to analyze which compromises will help your performance without affecting your shopper’s experience and business needs.

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