Welcome to ListOnJet!

Welcome to ListOnJet!

Welcome to ListOnJet!

Today’s blog will be about how to get started on that free trial and what you need to get your store running. ListOnJet is the easiest way to get selling on Jet.com. You can get started at a low price for a reliable service that will help you expand your business online.

Check out this detailed step-by-step process on how to start your free trial today:

You’ll need to start by clicking the link that says ‘Start Free Trial.’ You will need to fill in your company information, including your email and password. This will be your login information.

Once you register you will be brought to the ListOnJet landing page. First part once in will be to add your Jet.com settings, which include your API user and Secret. To get that you’ll need to get to the Jet Partner portal, which will be your logged in account in Jet.com

You want to navigate to the API section, which you will be able to find your User and Secret. You will then click copy to your clipboard and paste that in your ‘Edit Jet.com Settings.’

Once you have completed this you have taken a major step to selling on Jet.com. If you have any questions on this process or in general make sure to contact our support team!

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