Blog Series: Keyword Research Concepts

Blog Series: Keyword Research Concepts

Researching keywords lays all your groundwork for creating content in search marketing. This post will be some of the reasons why this is critical to business and where to obtain it.

Keyword research is an underutilized source of free consumer research. People tell Google what they want every single day. E-Commerce companies should use this information to their advantage.

Keyword Research can identify:
• New products to innovate
• New product to offer
• Customer support topics
• Ideas for buyer guides
• New ways to create content to lure customers to your site
• Filters to offer in your site’s navigation to help shoppers
• Even which words and themes to include in the content of your site

Keyword research is collecting information to understand how consumers actually use search engines to fill a need. This is everything from deciding on which product to purchase, seeking information on how to use something they already own, or even planning a vacation. Search engines are there to provide easy ways to find anything you want. Mining keyword data and analyzing it to help us understand what the searcher desires, is what keyword research is all about.

Modern keyword research, organize data by keyword themes rather than individual keywords. Unique keyword themes reflect a separate set of searchers and their desires.

Most keyword research is based off data from Google Keyword Planner. The Keyword Planner is essential to SEO, it has the benefits of being free and representing data from almost 80 percent of all searches in the U.S. Keyword Planner data only includes data from Google searches. It also only shows a twelve-month average as a one-month. This doesn’t allow you to see seasonal changes therefore the data is rounded off and generalized.

Many of the major search-marketing platforms include keyword research functionality. You’ll want to read about the data sources and biases for any tool before relying on it.

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