Blog Series: SEO Part 3

Blog Series: SEO Part 3

Many companies put off SEO simple because they don’t know where to start. Yet the planning stage is just as hard as understanding the concept itself. In the planning stage, one must figure out whom to trust your information with, and how to staff/manage it.

Businesses must take a step back, set goals, and determine how to accomplish them. This is a must step. Use the SMART acronym: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-Based. When you know what your goals are it is much easier to measure the impact that SEO is going to have on your overall marketing mix. SEO is not a paid search, but there is a direct relationship between the money you spend on SEO and what one will get out of it.

If SEO is more of a side project, consider whether you spend resources on a consultant or someone from your own staff. This person needs to possess the knowledge to drive all aspects of SEO and keep up on all of the news and changes. Consultants can be more expensive, but their work is usually resulting in far more sales and profits than a novice.

Finding a consultant or agency that takes an educational approach to SEO is another option. This can in turn help you learn enough to eventually do your own hiring.

START NOW if you want to results soon. SEO takes a lot of time, its dependent on gaining relevance and authority, which can be mostly based on how many other sites you link to and mention your site. It may take six to twelve months to typically measure your performance after the planning and implementation stages.

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