Keyword Research (Cont.)

Keyword Research (Cont.)

This is a to be continued from the last blog post all about optimizing your on-page elements. We left off Meta keywords, so in this blog we will start with keyword URLs.

Keyword URLs

Set the URL once and don’t change it again, unless your page changes so drastically that you’re forced to. URLs do not need to be changed every time the page is optimized. Treat it as your street address.

Heading Tags
Heading can represent your display, and creative SEO element. This will be a short two or three word phrase that should be the primary keyword.

Body Content
Text will vary depending on the type of site. One will want a line on the homepage, categories and fields to choose from. Use the keyword once on every page, and again optimizing the content to the real everyday language that people use. Insert links into your copy if your platform features this.

Alternative Attributes to Image Tags
Alternate attributes add very small value to the keyword relevance, but can be very helpful when optimizing for image search. They should be short, if used for a product image, use the name of the product. Don’t overwhelm alternate attributes with keywords; there is not enough benefit to allow the user to have a poor experience.

None of the following elements are only for SEO benefit. In fact these elements were underlying all pages on the web before the modern day search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc. Imagine it as a tool for digitally getting your message across within your page experience.

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