SEO PT. 8 Web Page Design and Linking

SEO PT. 8 Web Page Design and Linking

The way you set up your website is important to your rankings, traffic, and revenue from natural searches. This includes anything from how you group your products, which group or categories are prioritized and how they are named. Also how your pages are linked and how well the products, you sell, will be ranked.

A page is necessary in order to product rankings for the search phrases your customers use. You want categories that are going to display products in the ways that consumers are searching for. If you don’t set up categories and subcategories then there is no way to rank the product types as they are searched.

A web page’s authority is calculated based on links from other sites. Authoritative web pages that share similar topics can share links from other sites can in turn make your web page more authoritative. Every link makes your web page more attractive for the search engines to rank. Authority trickles down so most of your authority will be pooled at the home page and then dripping down through categories and subcategories.

Your head and footer should be used on every page; this means that each page is linked to them. Also any page that is linked to those pages will essentially be linked to every page on the site. This enhances the user experience greatly and is an important SEO measure.

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