SEO PT. 9: Crawlers

SEO PT. 9: Crawlers

Web pages must be crawled by search engine bots in order to drive traffic, natural search rankings, and sales. The best search engine bots are able to interpret the web page as most users see it from the front end, take a snapshot of the page in different conditions, and compare the conditions to find meaning. That is only the best of the best, which in turn forces you to rely on if the advanced search engine bot makes it to your site.

You will not be able to tell how well your page attracts crawlers until it is posted unless you have access to other tools. You can use Google’s cache. In the search bar type “cache:” before any URL you would like to render. On the top of the page there will be “Text-Only Cache.” This will allow you to see the code that Google accessed and cached that did not involve anything too complex to trick your thought for SEO. Check to see what is missing, the words that are blue and underlined are links, make sure that everything that should be linked is. If everything is looking, as it should, then your page can be crawled, and may be interpreted.

You may also find your most advanced crawler product before you launch your site or make any significant changes. You will want to find a crawler that also knows how to crawl JavaScript. Let is run through your site, looking for any area that may be missing. If one of your categories or subcategories cannot be crawled then there will be no path to your products. In turn, this will lead to poor performance in natural search and less sales.

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