SEO PT. 10 Changes in Web Design

SEO PT. 10 Changes in Web Design

Any changes to page content, URL, and linking will always end up impacting your natural search performance. Search engine bots are constantly crawling sites to establish authority and relevance of each page. Any changes in it can impact how these bots interpret a website. When changing your website design, you are taking a risk, knowing these risks will help you minimize your mistakes and continue improving performance.

Your webpage is essentially a map for the user. Each page is a town or city, with the major categories being the large cities with highways all along them. The highways are your links going to different pages. Product pages will not have as many links going through them; these are your back roads.

Whenever you do go into redesigning your website, the crawler will come back to remap it. If it is a new change all the issues may not have been worked out yet, there could be news content and new roads to it. Missing content can lead to dead ends and will create a confusing user experience. Therefore every time you change the web design, navigation, URLs the natural search performance will alter.

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