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Bonobos to Sell on

On Friday morning, Amazon announced that it purchased Whole Foods for $13.4 billion with every intention to transfigure the future of the entire food industry. The very same day, Wal-Mart went public with its $310 million dollar deal to acquire Bonobos, a men’s fashion company headquartered in New York City. There has been an ongoing war between Amazon and Wal-Mart, so naturally, anything successful one company does is regarded as a challenge to the other. Wal-Mart is the world’s [...]

E-commerce: Changing The World of Retail

The living room couch is easily replacing the local shopping center, and e-commerce is on the rise. Online shoppers are taking full advantage of being able to buy almost anything online just by the click of a button. As technology progresses, industries are constantly changing and consumers are pursuing the easiest and fastest approach to spend their money. The convenience of having a virtual cart that you don’t have to physically push around a store, and can leave unattended for [...]