Jet’s Partnership With Latch

Jet’s Partnership With Latch

Over the summer, Jet rolled out another campaign in New York City. Latch, a New York based lock company, was Jet’s partner for the campaign. Latch is creating modern products that are revolutionizing the way that residents access their property.

The campaign consisted of giving 1,000 of Jet’s customers in New York City a new Latch product, paid for by Jet and Latch. The model that was used is the Latch R, which is considered a “smart access system” where you don’t need a traditional key to get in. Users can let guests in with their mobile devices after seeing them through the camera feature on the product.

Imagine living in a New York City apartment. Delivery for products that you have ordered can be tough without a system like a front office or someone to open the door. Participants in the campaign were able to get packages delivered safely and reliably without walking down from their room or sometimes even being home. For a company like Jet that is making a push for improving deliveries on everything from household goods to groceries, this is big news.

Jet is making it clear that they are working to get a leg up on their competitor Amazon by increasing access in metropolitan areas. This campaign was just the beginning of what looks like a strong partnership to help Jet advance its delivery system, especially with groceries.

Another urban campaign? This past May, Jet partnered with Story, a New York City high-end fashion store, to create a temporary grocery store using Jet’s food services. The grocery store partnership with Story, Wal-Mart’s announcement of their focus on advancements in delivery systems, and Jet’s campaign with Latch are all linked together. Jet’s continued focus on instant access for customers in cities is setting them apart from their competition. The possibilities are wide open, and Jet is showing no signs of stopping its advancements

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