The Effect of Digital Marketing on Ecommerce

The Effect of Digital Marketing on Ecommerce

Slowly but surely, we’re approaching 2018 and technology is changing by the day, the hour, and even the minute. Really – it’s hard to keep up with it all. Modern technology is changing the way that producers and consumers interact and do business; so many transactions are being made online. Ecommerce is becoming increasingly popular because of its ease of access, convenience, and speed.

If the marketplace is constantly changing and adapting, then a company’s marketing strategy should be as well. Twenty years ago, companies advertised primarily through billboards, newspaper and magazine advertisements, and radio commercials. Amazon had just been started up, and the internet was just starting to become a real thing. Five years later, computers were updated and it became common for most Americans to have a home computer with reliable internet access in their own homes. Once consumers had a quick, easy, and reliable way to access millions of products, the game had been changed.

All of the traditional advertising methods, like newspaper and billboard ads, quickly became less popular. They eventually became more expensive to produce and less intriguing to consumers who saw them. The internet was getting so much traffic, and digital marketing was born.

Digital marketing is essentially the promotion of a good or service from a producer on any form of electronic media, whether it’s social media, email, website advertisements, etc. This is so popular because it is so easy to reach an enormous amount of people while using a much smaller amount of resources.

Ecommerce and digital marketing are very similar concepts – easy to access and use, and available to almost anybody in the world at any time. Because they go hand in hand, digital marketing is the most effective promotional method for producers in an online marketplace. As technology changes, digital marketing becomes cheaper, easier, and more widespread, reaching a new audience every day.

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