Releases “Uniquely J” Releases “Uniquely J”

Earlier this week, launched a series of ‘unique’ products – their own products. has begun to make their own goods to sell on their platform. These products are daily household goods designed to be cheaper and more easily attainable than your typical name brand products from the store. calls their product line “Uniquely J.”

Uniquely J currently has released 5 categories of products: coffee, cleaning supplies, sauces & dips, food storage, and paper. Each product in the Uniquely J line is sustainable; for example, the plastic food storage bags are BPA-free, the cleaning supplies are made without strong harsh chemicals, the coffee is organic and fair-trade, the sauces are organic, and the napkins are SFI certified.

All of’s campaigns are geared towards making life easier for millennials. These products are not only competitively priced, they are also guaranteed to arrive quickly thanks to Jet’s delivery methods and innovation.

With Jet’s continued efforts to create even easier delivery and pickups, the Uniquely J products will allow customers to get daily necessities almost instantly.’s President Liza Landsman told CNBC that, “Uniquely J is not just’s entry into the private brands space, it also furthers our efforts to serve the metropolitan consumer with a select assortment of premium products while also offering them a great shopping experience.”

Having your own private label brand is a great thing that provides many benefits, which include higher profit margins and the ability to separate from competitors.’s Uniquely J has great products, a great design, and is targeted at a major market.

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