Jet’s Unique Foundation

Jet’s Unique Foundation

This summer, Jet and Walmart sent out multiple successful campaigns. These campaigns were specifically directed towards enhancing the ‘online to offline’ idea, where ecommerce meets storefronts. The campaigns involved products like groceries, fashion merchandise, and home décor. Through their efforts, Jet has made it clear that they are pushing to get ahead of competitor Amazon by becoming more popular and accessible in metropolitan areas.

Like any house, a company cannot grow nearly as much without a strong foundation. While Jet is getting a lot of attention for its successful and engaging campaigns, President Liza Landsman and other executives are proud of the company’s internal efforts. In an interview , Landsman said, “You should be able to find smart, kind people. We really look for that. It’s part of how we maintain the culture.”

Putting kindness on a pedestal in the office helps Jet set itself apart from competitors yet again. This focus makes quite a difference for two groups: both customers and other Jet employees.

With a focus on kindness, employees are truly able to put the customer first. It’s an often-overlooked trait in business, so when done well, focusing on being kind to customers will elevate one company over another.

Kindness in the workplace also helps establish a desired culture. Without that strong foundation, that strong culture, a company’s success is limited. Jet employees have a quick, efficient, helpful, modern, and engaging way of doing things at their headquarters in Hoboken, NJ. The workplace has a unique culture that allows for this to happen, and the secret ingredient is kindness. Landsman said, “putting kindness first enhances the team experience and ensures that team members are more likely to collaborate, maintain an upbeat morale, and not engage in generally terrible workplace behavior.”

Clearly, Jet is doing the right things. For a young company in an industry dominated by giants, their success has been amazing – and there’s a good chance this is one of the reasons why.

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