ModCloth Ready to Launch on

ModCloth Ready to Launch on

Just announced this week, over 600 ModCloth products will be launched on Founded in 2002, ModCloth is an American online fashion retailer featuring fun and trendy styles for all women. ModCloth had a humble beginning, as the retailer was created in a college dorm by Susan and Eric Koger. Due to the hard work and dedication by the founders, ModCloth now has offices in multiple major cities on both the West coast and East coast, accompanied by over 350 employees.

Modcloth was acquired by Walmart this past March. Shortly after, in June, Walmart acquired Bonobos as well. Both of these fashion retailers have target markets that consist of primarily millennials – a large market that Walmart has not quite hit in the past. It is clear that Walmart is attempting to become more well-rounded by offering options for fashionable young adults.

Modcloth has increased their popularity by appearing in pop-up shops all over the nation throughout the past year. These shops are unique; ModCloth has an interactive theme which is accomplished through their social media and overall online presence, and they strive to achieve this theme in their stores as well. ModCloth believes that “shopping should be social” and they reach this in their pop-up stores by creating “one-on-one interaction between retail associates and customers.”

Walmart and’s partnership is bringing in a whole new group of customers. Traditionally, fashionable millennials haven’t considered Walmart to be a viable option for shopping. Thanks to acquisitions like Bonobos and ModCloth, things are changing around. is beginning to appeal to a millennial audience, which means that it’s the perfect platform for Walmart to use to attract this new market.

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