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Black Friday 2017 – Results and Surprises

This year's Black Friday was predicted to be the biggest and most popular yet – and it didn't disappoint. Chicago, IL, one of the nation's biggest cities, saw a large increase in store traffic for Black Friday this year. Experts from the weather analytics firm Planalytics say that "Rainfall from Thanksgiving through the weekend was the lowest since 2013, and snowfall was the lowest in over 20 years," which played a serious role in the increase of foot [...]

Three Holiday eCommerce Tips for 2017

1) Test your website strength and speed If your site breaks down in holiday season, you’re in trouble. The infamous Best Buy Black Friday website crash in 2014 is a prime example. Black Friday is pretty much the one day of the entire year that you really don’t want your website to crash. The quicker and easier to navigate a website is, the more likely customers are to stay and browse. A website that takes more than 5-6 seconds [...]