Three Holiday eCommerce Tips for 2017

Three Holiday eCommerce Tips for 2017

1) Test your website strength and speed

If your site breaks down in holiday season, you’re in trouble. The infamous Best Buy Black Friday website crash in 2014 is a prime example. Black Friday is pretty much the one day of the entire year that you really don’t want your website to crash. The quicker and easier to navigate a website is, the more likely customers are to stay and browse. A website that takes more than 5-6 seconds to load will cause lots of potential customers to become impatient and search for an alternative shopping experience.

Companies with websites loading in under 3 seconds will be more successful than those that take longer. In fact, according to Radware, nearly 60% of website viewers will leave the site if the content doesn’t load in 3 seconds. A first impression is always crucial. Potential customers need to be engaged with the website content immediately upon arrival.

2) Highlight special offers

Assuming your website loaded successfully in 3-5 seconds, it is important to keep the potential customer engaged with the content on the page. The easiest and most effective way to grab the customer’s attention is by highlighting your special offers. Big font, bright colors, and great pictures are things that will draw website visitors in to a specific feature.

If people are impatient waiting for the website to load, they will have even less patience navigating a confusing page. If you have deals that you want customers to find, they need to be the first things that they see.

3) Make sure your website is accessible on mobile devices

A major drawback to most ecommerce platforms is their lack of mobile accessibility. The problem is that it’s very difficult to have a website design that is effective and appealing on both a desktop and a mobile device. Consumers are making more and more purchases on mobile devices, so finding a balance between a desktop and mobile device is now more crucial than ever.

There are two major issues with mobile sites. First of all, finding the products on the website can be tough. It takes a while to scroll through everything, and it can be tricky to see pictures of the product on such a small screen. Making the ordering process as easy as possible will also be beneficial, it’s already hard enough to get out your card and type in all your information in small boxes. Creating an easier purchasing experience will keep your customers satisfied and coming back.

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