Jet President to Leave Company for New Role

Jet President to Leave Company for New Role

Jet’s President, Liza Landsman, announced earlier last week that she will be leaving just a year and a half after taking her role.

Landsman started at as Chief Customer Officer in March of 2015. At this role, her responsibilities included, “overseeing the end-to-end customer experience, from the company’s analytics team to its marketing and branding staff,” according to Recode. Landsman was crucial in this role as she managed the explosive expansion of’s marketing efforts. She was hired after serving at E-Trade as Chief Marketing Officer.

Landsman was hired by previous President Marc Lore. After the $3.3 billion acquisition of, Lore took a new position as the head of US ecommerce for Walmart. It was after this transition that Landsman took over as the new President of

Recode reports that Landsman has,”…been looking for a change after three years of working at the frenetic pace of one of the fastest-moving young e-commerce companies.” Over her year and a half tenure as President, she oversaw some major advancements in the marketing strategy and campaigns.

Although Landsman has yet to announce her new destination and role, she proclaims that this is an offer that is “too good to pass up.”

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