Why Partner With Jet?

Why Partner With Jet?

As one of the world’s fastest growing online retailers, Jet offers many partnership benefits. Working with Jet empowers sellers by increasing sales, enhancing profitability and elevating the overall selling experience.

What you can do:

– Sell on Jet Marketplace

– Sell Wholesale to Jet

– Manage your Brand

Selling on Jet Marketplace allows you to “use the proprietary Jet Rules Engine to control your competitiveness and profitability.” In addition, sellers are given access to specific insights and reporting to track their performance through Jet, to increase their efficiency. Selling on Jet Marketplace ultimately allows you to grow your business by reaching a multitude of new customers and maximizing sales.

Selling wholesale to Jet provides partners with benefits such as providing customers with the full Jet brand experience and analyzing data to observe the performance of their listed products. In addition, you are able to drive sales with 2-day delivery flags and prioritized search results. Selling wholesale to Jet also allows you to control and manage your supply chain through Jet’s large network of fulfillment centers.

Jet partners are able to manage all aspects of their brands by viewing and analyzing performance data on their products. In addition to this, you are able to ensure that all of your products and brand information are current and accurate. Along with the performance data, you are also able to see the demographics of your customers.

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