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The JetCares Program

The JetCares program enables influential nonprofits to make an even larger impact in their communities. By enrolling in JetCares, select nonprofits receive basic goods as donations or at discounted prices. Nonprofits enrolled in the program are then able to distribute these basic goods to people in the community who need them most. How it works: JetCares has two initiatives. The first one is the JetCares Essentials Program. Through this component, registered nonprofits are provided with basic goods at much [...]

Categories on features a wide variety of products available for customers. Consumers can purchase everything from groceries to washing machines with free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Jet's Categories: Grocery - Along with Household Supplies, one of Jet's largest categories Household Supplies - Large selection and popular because of Jet's innovation with easy and convenient delivery methods for busy millennials Health & Beauty - Includes vitamins, makeup products, nutrition and hair accessories Home - Different from household supplies, this category largely consists of kitchen utensils, travel items, [...]