The JetCares Program

The JetCares Program

The JetCares program enables influential nonprofits to make an even larger impact in their communities. By enrolling in JetCares, select nonprofits receive basic goods as donations or at discounted prices. Nonprofits enrolled in the program are then able to distribute these basic goods to people in the community who need them most.

How it works:

JetCares has two initiatives. The first one is the JetCares Essentials Program. Through this component, registered nonprofits are provided with basic goods at much cheaper rates. This has been helpful as organizations that already make large differences in their communities are better equipped to make an even bigger impact on those who need help the most.

The second initiative is the Give a Pack Program. This element of the JetCares program allows shoppers to donate their JetCash to registered nonprofits. While checking out, customers have the option to select a participating nonprofit to donate JetCash to. With the donated JetCash, these enrolled partners purchase essentials and supplies to give out to the community. This second initiative intiativeally effective because enrolled nonprofit organizations already receive discounts on these items through the first initiative, the JetCares essentials Program.

Shoppers can donate to a multitude of nonprofits, including United Way, National Diaper Bank Network and Catholic Charities USA. In addition, customers can donate to women’s and refugee centers.

Do you know of any nonprofits that may be interested in enrolling? Apply here today!

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