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Uniquely J – Attracting Customers

Earlier this year, launched a series of 'unique' products - their own products. has begun to make their own goods to sell on their platform. These products are daily household goods designed to be cheaper and more easily attainable than your typical name brand products from the store. calls their product line "Uniquely J." Uniquely J currently has released 5 categories of products: coffee, cleaning supplies, sauces & dips, food storage, and paper. Each product [...]

Jet’s Summer Campaigns

The past year has been a roller coaster for the retail powerhouse, Walmart. Large ups and large downs in the company's trading value kept everybody on their toes. The acquisition of allowed Walmart's value to skyrocket, reaching some of its highest numbers. The company's shares, at one point in the past few months, were trading at amounts higher than they’ve seen since early 2015. This impressive and promising improvement is a result of their announcement regarding their push [...]