Jet’s Summer Campaigns

Jet’s Summer Campaigns

The past year has been a roller coaster for the retail powerhouse, Walmart. Large ups and large downs in the company’s trading value kept everybody on their toes.

The acquisition of allowed Walmart’s value to skyrocket, reaching some of its highest numbers. The company’s shares, at one point in the past few months, were trading at amounts higher than they’ve seen since early 2015. This impressive and promising improvement is a result of their announcement regarding their push to make groceries more accessible.

Since the August 2016 acquisition, Walmart and Jet have both made steady improvements. Both companies help expand the other’s horizons, and reach areas that neither would have been able to reach before. Jet’s “Silicon Valleyesque” talent, according to blogger Josh Brown, has given Walmart the unique edge they need to take on their competition. While Walmart is a powerhouse retailer, the company needs to become dominant in ecommerce to rise above their main competitor, Amazon.

In some of my previous blogs, I have discussed the campaigns and fresh efforts that Jet has been working on to compete with industry giant Amazon. A lot of these campaigns were executed this past summer, and most of them involved ‘online to offline’ themes. As we head into summer 2018, it will be interesting to see if Jet continues to run these campaigns.

Earlier this year, Walmart announced that they are planning to further expand their ‘online to offline’ efforts. By 2019, shoppers will be able to pick up groceries that they ordered online at 1,000 more Walmart stores.

The food and grocery industries are two of the largest on the market. The fact that nobody has perfected the online ordering and delivery process means that the top spot is wide open. Amazon has tried, but has not made much of a dent. So what does this mean? Walmart, now with the power of Jet, has an opportunity to take over the industry and become a real competitor to Amazon.

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