Author - Hayley Smith

Jet’s Summer Campaigns

The past year has been a roller coaster for the retail powerhouse, Walmart. Large ups and large downs in the company's trading value kept everybody on their toes. The acquisition of allowed Walmart's value to skyrocket, reaching some of its highest numbers. The company's shares, at one point in the past few months, were trading at amounts higher than they’ve seen since early 2015. This impressive and promising improvement is a result of their announcement regarding their push [...]

Jet’s Campaigns and Foundation

As summer 2018 is approaching, we take a look back at how Jet has advanced over the past year. Still leading in innovation through campaigns, is certainly leaving a mark. Last summer, Jet and Walmart sent out multiple successful campaigns. These campaigns were specifically directed at enhancing the 'online to offline' idea, where ecommerce meets storefronts. The campaigns involved products like groceries, fashion merchandise, and home décor. Through their efforts, Jet has made it clear that they are pushing [...]

Benefits of Selling on

In an industry dominated by powerhouses like Amazon and Ebay, is rising as the new kid on the block. was acquired by Walmart in August of 2016 as a result of a $3.3 billion deal, which has proven to be beneficial for both parties so far. After the merger, both companies kept their separate marketplaces serving their separate target markets. offers great benefits for all kinds of sellers, especially new sellers working to establish their products [...]

The JetCares Program

The JetCares program enables influential nonprofits to make an even larger impact in their communities. By enrolling in JetCares, select nonprofits receive basic goods as donations or at discounted prices. Nonprofits enrolled in the program are then able to distribute these basic goods to people in the community who need them most. How it works: JetCares has two initiatives. The first one is the JetCares Essentials Program. Through this component, registered nonprofits are provided with basic goods at much [...]

Categories on features a wide variety of products available for customers. Consumers can purchase everything from groceries to washing machines with free shipping on orders of $35 or more. Jet's Categories: Grocery - Along with Household Supplies, one of Jet's largest categories Household Supplies - Large selection and popular because of Jet's innovation with easy and convenient delivery methods for busy millennials Health & Beauty - Includes vitamins, makeup products, nutrition and hair accessories Home - Different from household supplies, this category largely consists of kitchen utensils, travel items, [...]

Required Fields for Selling on

Ready to start selling on If you haven't yet, check out THIS LINK to apply today! Once you're all set up, has a series of fields that are required to list your products. The required fields for set up include: - Merchant SKU: This SKU is used to recognize the product in the Retail Partner's catalog. - Unique IDs: These are one or more standard product codes, such as ISBN, UPC, EAN or MPN, used to [...]

Get JetCash Through Jet’s Refer-A-Friend Program!

Accumulating JetCash is a great way to save big with shopping on - and Jet's Refer-A-Friend program makes it even easier to do so. Jet's referral program allows its customers to invite their friends, and in return, receive JetCash up to $500. How it works: - The first 1-5 friends you invite: you receive $10 JetCash per friend when they make an eligible purchase - The next 6-10 friends you invite: you receive $12 JetCash per friend when [...]

Why Partner With Jet?

As one of the world's fastest growing online retailers, Jet offers many partnership benefits. Working with Jet empowers sellers by increasing sales, enhancing profitability and elevating the overall selling experience. What you can do: - Sell on Jet Marketplace - Sell Wholesale to Jet - Manage your Brand Selling on Jet Marketplace allows you to "use the proprietary Jet Rules Engine to control your competitiveness and profitability." In addition, sellers are given access to specific insights and reporting to [...]

Jet President to Leave Company for New Role

Jet's President, Liza Landsman, announced earlier last week that she will be leaving just a year and a half after taking her role. Landsman started at as Chief Customer Officer in March of 2015. At this role, her responsibilities included, "overseeing the end-to-end customer experience, from the company’s analytics team to its marketing and branding staff," according to Recode. Landsman was crucial in this role as she managed the explosive expansion of's marketing efforts. She [...]

Walmart and Partner with Tasty

An incredibly popular app, Tasty by BuzzFeed, has recently engaged in a partnership with Walmart and If you haven't downloaded the Tasty app, chances are you've seen their videos on Facebook or Twitter. Tasty produces step-by-step videos on how to cook all kinds of foods, from snacks and appetizers to entrees and desserts. In an interview with Cheddar , President Liza Landsman pointed out that, "Obviously we are very focused on this urban, affluent consumer where [...]