How Jet is slowly becoming Amazon’s Biggest Rival

Pretty much anyone that is invested in ecommerce is aware of Marc Lore and his accomplishments. Once he sold Quidsi to Amazon, there wasn’t much news on him as he had now been working for Amazon. He then decided to leave Amazon and come up with its soon-to-be rival, Jet is growing at an alarming rate in the ecommerce market and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Marc had one vision with Jet and that was with [...]

Is Jet Really Looking for a Wal-Mart Acquisition?

It has been exactly one year since launched and they’ve made one of the biggest splashes in the ecommerce market since Amazon. They continue to grow and attract investors under CEO Marc Lore, who has some great accomplishments under his belt to say the least. As of now, the site has raised over $800M and is adding close to 350,000 customers per month. All in all, the Jet website does in fact offer a cleaner and more user-friendly experience [...]

Marc Lore is Not Backing Down to Amazon

The district of Montclair, N.J. has always been known for it’s restaurants, antique shops, and art-house movie theater. In the past year, it has become home to one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses in the world. Marc Lore, former CEO of Quidsi and employee of Amazon, has taken e-commerce to the next level with Jet has taken over online shopping with its algorithmic-based pricing and free shipping in specific situations., like eBay and Alibaba, functions primarily as [...]

Addition of Necessary Details Leads to Higher Conversion Rates for Jet, having to compete with the e-commerce giant Amazon, is looking for any way to increase conversion rates.  Since it's launch last July, Jet has been working closely with UserTesting, a website testing and optimization service.  This partnership was created with the sole purpose of receiving feedback from customers as they shop online and to do so they added vital information customers were looking for on the product pages.  This information included fields such as shipping cost, hours of operation, [...]

Boosting Delivery Performance Becomes a Priority for is one of the few ecommerce companies out there to revamp their delivery through the launch of an intelligent fulfillment platform. Convey, the maker of the new platform, has created the software with the goal of providing faster shipping to customers through better delivery communication and optimized shipment execution. With the likes of branded communication, large-item returns, and personalized decision-making, hopes to vastly improve their delivery performance. With the intelligent fulfillment platform, retailers are given the ability to [...] Continues to be Successful Despite Launching Less than a Year Ago has been around for about as long as itself, which means we are coming up on our first year anniversary! Although we have only been around for less than a year, it’s safe to say we’ve made some great accomplishments thus far., which is well known for it’s great reviews of companies, just released a review of List on Jet. Included in this review is our phenomenal user satisfaction rate of 92%, as well as the positive and negative [...] to Deliver Fresh Groceries at Fraction of Price that Amazon Offers is continuing to make big moves in the e-commerce industry and recently so by adding fresh groceries to its line of offering. Ultimately, Jet will be delivering these groceries in either a day or two, depending on the location of customer. They’ve also added the benefit of free delivery for this service as long as the order is over $35. This may not seem that groundbreaking, but compared to the $299 yearly membership that Amazon offers it’s pretty [...]’s Growth Rate virtually 280 times Faster than Amazon’s

Over the past year there have been many people that have underestimated the benefits brings to the table and it's ability to compete with Amazon and eBay.  Jet is laughing at the doubters now as their customer numbers are now at an all-time high of 3.6 million. That number may not seem too high compared to the customers using Amazon and eBay, but the biggest difference is the fact that they managed to achieve this number in only [...]

What makes shopping on Jet great?

What makes shopping on Jet great for buyers and sellers? In this blog post, I will discuss what automatically provides to customers when purchasing items from merchants on does not require a membership fee when initially joining its website. In addition, customers can increase the amount they save as they continue to shop since prices decrease in their shopping carts with the more items they add (buying in bulk can be a good thing). For orders [...]

Key Principles of every Seller should be Aware of

Here are 4 pieces of advice for any newcomer selling on One should become familiar with Listing Tools is growing at an insanely fast rate since it’s launch one year ago and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. There are many listing tools out there, but is the best portal to expanding your business to the marketplace.  LoJ provides you with the necessary resources to create listings, manage sales and returns, and more!  Once you have mastered, you [...]