Jet Rules Engine – Find ways to make more money on with this feature has put more control in the hands of their sellers with a newer feature called their Rules Engine. Here is a quick link to learn more. With the rules engine there are 4 different things you can do: Setup Shipping Distance Rules: This lets you configure how your orders are fulfilled so that the orders are routed to fulfillment nodes to save you the most money on shipping costs. Basket Building Rules: If one of your items make it to [...]

I want to list on – where should I keep my images

Within the List on Jet software, you can upload your images as part of the listing process. Each listing can contain up to 8 images and LoJ will store the image for you. Most sellers, however, are already on a sales channel and will be transitioning listings from an existing channel on to In this case, you may just want to use an existing image URL for your new Jet listings to help keep image maintenance as simple [...] acquires Hayneedle to expand the home category

The home category has been a weakness for Amazon as it often loses out ground to smaller competitors such as Wayfair and Hayneedle. who is trying to compete with Amazon saw this as a great opportunity and has recently acquired Hayneedle to expand their position in this category. Hayneedle launched in 2002 as a nich home goods shop which expanded into the larger home marketplace it is today. Jet before the acquisition had roughly 800,000 product listings in the [...]

I created my listing on and it is under review, now what?

So you have taken the leap and signed up for the free trial. You followed the step by step guide we call the Runway integration and have moved your seller account from test mode to live mode. You filled in all of the required fields and submitted your listing to and when you run the sync you see that the listing is now under review status. Congrats! When you have reached this point this means you are [...]

Creating New Listings on – Learn the Listing Status Workflow

Learning a new marketplace will feel like riding a bike, it will feel similar and you will learn it quickly but you do need to learn the new terminology, workflow, required fields and processes to use the new system. This is to walk you through learning some of the basics to listing to Required Fields While there are more required fields and recommended fields once you define your Taxonomy (or category) requires the following fields to push over a [...]

Acknowledgement – Something you need to know about selling on

Unlike other sales channels like eBay or Amazon where once you get the sale, it is yours, has a process that after a sale takes place the seller needs to acknowledge the order within 15 minutes to keep the order. If the order is not acknowledged within 15 minutes they could lose the order if there is another seller available to take it. This is a challenge for sellers as a sale could take place at any time and [...]

Looking for a reason to sell on – now is the time with no more membership fees

As recently moved out of BETA and is trying to mature their model and strategy, another way they have identified to stand out from Amazon and eBay is to now wave their annual fee that was going to be in place to sell on Instead, Jet is planning to make all of their profits from the commissions they receive on each sale within the channel. This change which comes only three months after launch is a great way [...]

Trying to find out how do I list on Look no further!

If you have decided to take the plunge and test out as a new marketplace for your online business, the setup and listing process to sell on is a little different than you might be used to on common channels like Amazon or eBay. With you will need to go through the following process: Register and Apply for your new account. You can do that by clicking here: Once you submit based on the guidelines, you should [...]

Selling Online Just Got Easier With List on – Coming Soon

We are very excited to be down to the last few weeks before our official launch of the new listing tool. We have worked with online sellers for a long time to provide technology solutions and were overwhelmed with the number of requests with creating an easy to use, affordable platform that would allow sellers to list to The marketplace has demanded a great deal of traffic and attention early on and most sellers want to at the [...]

Why Do Sellers Need a Listing Tool for

Currently there is no cost effective listing tool for Jet does not include a listing tool feature within their software for their sellers. With that being the case, Jet sellers have only two options for creating listings. They can choose the more common option and delegate developers on their team, or hire outside developers to integrate with Jet’s API system. This can be costly and also time consuming to delegate your team to integrate with Jet. If you choose [...]