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Trying to find out how do I list on Look no further!

If you have decided to take the plunge and test out as a new marketplace for your online business, the setup and listing process to sell on is a little different than you might be used to on common channels like Amazon or eBay. With you will need to go through the following process: Register and Apply for your new account. You can do that by clicking here: Once you submit based on the guidelines, you should [...]

Selling Online Just Got Easier With List on – Coming Soon

We are very excited to be down to the last few weeks before our official launch of the new listing tool. We have worked with online sellers for a long time to provide technology solutions and were overwhelmed with the number of requests with creating an easy to use, affordable platform that would allow sellers to list to The marketplace has demanded a great deal of traffic and attention early on and most sellers want to at the [...]

Why Do Sellers Need a Listing Tool for

Currently there is no cost effective listing tool for Jet does not include a listing tool feature within their software for their sellers. With that being the case, Jet sellers have only two options for creating listings. They can choose the more common option and delegate developers on their team, or hire outside developers to integrate with Jet’s API system. This can be costly and also time consuming to delegate your team to integrate with Jet. If you choose [...]

Use High Quality Images When Listing to

Put yourself in the buyer’s shoes. Let’s say you are the one looking online at a product, but you can’t really see the image, because it is blurry, or just not the best picture. There is a good chance you are going to walk on a product that you otherwise were likely to buy. Don’t you think ecommerce shoppers are going to do the same thing when they’re looking at your products on So let’s discuss how we [...]

Building Customer Loyalty by Selling on is adding a huge benefit to sellers on their platform by creating a model that will inherently build customer loyalty. Lucky you, anybody selling on! A huge part of their business model is to create a platform that allows the shoppers to save by driving them to the sellers that are closest to them, and can save them big money on shipping costs. The other way they are doing their best to provide savings is by finding [...]