Ecommerce Platforms Breaking Into The Grocery Industry

It’s no surprise that both Jet.com and Amazon are working to find their way into the food market. In the United States alone, the grocery industry is worth over $53 billion. In June of 2017, Amazon took a major step in getting into the food industry. Their acquisition of Whole Foods has been all over the headlines recently, as everyone is curious about how the new partnership will affect how we get our groceries. Amazon has been rolling out [...]

Benefits of Selling on Jet.com

In an industry dominated by powerhouses like Amazon and Ebay, Jet.com is rising as the new kid on the block. Jet.com was acquired by Walmart in August of 2016 as a result of a $3.3 billion deal, which has proven to be beneficial for both parties so far. After the merger, both companies kept their separate marketplaces serving their separate target markets. Jet.com offers great benefits for all kinds of sellers, especially new sellers working to establish their products in [...]

Why is Jet Unique?

Jet.com was using a technology to dynamically adjust prices as a customers shopped. The Jet system is designed to lower prices as the customer shops because the technology helps them calculate the cost to the company of the "free" shipping they are giving away. When customers clump orders together into fewer transactions it does more than drive up the "average check" figures. Large orders can be shipped more efficiently and the marginal cost of adding new items to the shipment [...]

How Jet is slowly becoming Amazon’s Biggest Rival

Pretty much anyone that is invested in ecommerce is aware of Marc Lore and his accomplishments. Once he sold Quidsi to Amazon, there wasn’t much news on him as he had now been working for Amazon. He then decided to leave Amazon and come up with its soon-to-be rival, Jet.com. Jet is growing at an alarming rate in the ecommerce market and doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. Marc had one vision with Jet and that was with [...]

ListonJet.com Continues to be Successful Despite Launching Less than a Year Ago

ListonJet.com has been around for about as long as Jet.com itself, which means we are coming up on our first year anniversary! Although we have only been around for less than a year, it’s safe to say we’ve made some great accomplishments thus far. FinancesOnline.com, which is well known for it’s great reviews of companies, just released a review of List on Jet. Included in this review is our phenomenal user satisfaction rate of 92%, as well as the positive and negative [...]

Jet.com to Deliver Fresh Groceries at Fraction of Price that Amazon Offers

Jet.com is continuing to make big moves in the e-commerce industry and recently so by adding fresh groceries to its line of offering. Ultimately, Jet will be delivering these groceries in either a day or two, depending on the location of customer. They’ve also added the benefit of free delivery for this service as long as the order is over $35. This may not seem that groundbreaking, but compared to the $299 yearly membership that Amazon offers it’s pretty [...]

Frequently Asked Questions for List on Jet

We have received various questions from our List on Jetters and decided to share the most frequently asked questions for List on Jet (LoJ) from our current and future customers. Please let us know if this helped you! 1. Once my listings have been uploaded and synched to List on Jet, how long will it take Jet.com to approve the listings which display, “Under Jet.com Review”? Jet.com [...]

Upselling Your Customers by Selling on Jet.com

Many sellers are looking for ways to capitalize by selling on Jet.com versus other ecommerce marketplaces. The best way to figure out how to do this with any marketplace is to look at their business model. Use the business model of marketplaces to identify what their advantages are that you can tap into as a seller. Jet is using logistics to find the lowest prices for shoppers on their platform. They quickly calculate the cheapest prices by finding a [...]