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Jet Breaks Top 10 Fastest $1B Flips in Venture History

Starting a business isn't too difficult when you have all your pieces together.  The hardest task by far for an entrepreneur is making their business grow once it's launched.  Marc Lore, CEO of Jet.com, has mastered the e-commerce world and continues to be an extremely successful entrepreneur.  Wal-Mart just recently acquired Jet.com for over $3 billion and that put them in the Top 10!  To be more specific, the Top 10 fastest $1B flips in venture history: Airwatch (2014) - Bought by VMware for [...]

Receive guidance about which products to avoid selling on Jet.com!

Although there are millions of options within the Jet.com marketplace, there are certain products that cannot be sold. In order to enhance your experience, here is a list of which types of products to avoid when selling on Jet.com. Happy listing! Products to Avoid When Listing on Jet: Any products that the U.S or state recognizes as illegal cannot be listed on Jet.com. Currently, alcoholic beverages cannot be sold; however, Jet.com will consider selling wine and other alcoholic beverages on its site [...]

I want to list on Jet.com – where should I keep my images

Within the List on Jet software, you can upload your images as part of the listing process. Each listing can contain up to 8 images and LoJ will store the image for you. Most sellers, however, are already on a sales channel and will be transitioning listings from an existing channel on to Jet.com. In this case, you may just want to use an existing image URL for your new Jet listings to help keep image maintenance as simple [...]

Jet.com acquires Hayneedle to expand the home category

The home category has been a weakness for Amazon as it often loses out ground to smaller competitors such as Wayfair and Hayneedle. Jet.com who is trying to compete with Amazon saw this as a great opportunity and has recently acquired Hayneedle to expand their position in this category. Hayneedle launched in 2002 as a nich home goods shop which expanded into the larger home marketplace it is today. Jet before the acquisition had roughly 800,000 product listings in the [...]

Trying to find out how do I list on Jet.com? Look no further!

If you have decided to take the plunge and test out Jet.com as a new marketplace for your online business, the setup and listing process to sell on Jet.com is a little different than you might be used to on common channels like Amazon or eBay. With Jet.com you will need to go through the following process: Register and Apply for your new account. You can do that by clicking here: https://partner.jet.com/ Once you submit based on the Jet.com guidelines, you should [...]