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Bonobos to Sell on Jet.com

On Friday morning, Amazon announced that it purchased Whole Foods for $13.4 billion with every intention to transfigure the future of the entire food industry. The very same day, Wal-Mart went public with its $310 million dollar deal to acquire Bonobos, a men’s fashion company headquartered in New York City. There has been an ongoing war between Amazon and Wal-Mart, so naturally, anything successful one company does is regarded as a challenge to the other. Wal-Mart is the world’s [...]

Does Wal-Mart have the Ability to Fly Over Amazon?

If you haven't heard already, Wal-Mart now owns two-year-old e-commerce startup Jet.com, all at a simple price of $3.3 billion.  Some question why Wal-Mart made this acquisition and feel that it will only worsen their struggles rather than fix them.  Others, including CEO of Wal-Mart, beg to differ for a two good reasons: 1. Jet.com has a unique discount technology never seen before that allows customers to receive discounts with the more they purchase. There are also more store discounts if customers [...]

Can Jet Prevent Wal-Mart from Experiencing the Same Fate as Sears?

Not many people are aware of Wal-Mart's recent struggles and CEO, Doug McMillon, still refuses to acknowledge the amount of trouble they're really in.  To be more specific, Wal-Mart is praying that the new acquisition of Jet.com will bring them back to a stable state.  It may be difficult to face the gruesome reality for Wal-Mart due to their long history of success, but they're certainly not the first popular company to face extreme losses and potentially "go out of business." Sears is [...]

Jet Breaks Top 10 Fastest $1B Flips in Venture History

Starting a business isn't too difficult when you have all your pieces together.  The hardest task by far for an entrepreneur is making their business grow once it's launched.  Marc Lore, CEO of Jet.com, has mastered the e-commerce world and continues to be an extremely successful entrepreneur.  Wal-Mart just recently acquired Jet.com for over $3 billion and that put them in the Top 10!  To be more specific, the Top 10 fastest $1B flips in venture history: Airwatch (2014) - Bought by VMware for [...]

It’s Official! Wal-Mart has Acquired Jet.com for $3.3 billion

The long wait is over as it has now been established that Jet.com was acquired by Wal-Mart for $3 billion in cash as well as $300 million in stock.  This news may as a surprise to some, but for most individuals it was definitely expected.  The more shocking piece to this story is the fact that Jet just recently celebrated their one-year anniversary and CEO Marc Lore's plan was to grow their business as much as possible over the next 4 years before even [...]

If Wal-Mart Acquires Jet.com, can they Undercut Amazon?

If you own a business and/or regularly sell on Jet.com, then you most likely heard that Wal-Mart is in the process of possibly acquiring Jet.com for $3 billion.  Wal-Mart's online presence isn't much compared to Amazon and they're hoping to vastly improve that with the likes of owning Jet.  Jet has made big waves on the e-commerce market and this acquisition will continue to increase the growth of the company. The 21st century is undoubtedly the century of technology and in most [...]

Jet.com Celebrates Anniversary with its Own Version of Prime Day

Many shoppers assumed that Amazon's annual Prime Day was going to be the last day of great deals for awhile.  Well lets just say they should be very happy to find out they're wrong.  Jet.com, Amazon's new and upcoming rival, is celebrating its one-year anniversary the best way possible and that's with 11 days of great deals!  All of the deals ranged from household and baby products to electronics and sporting goods. Jet has the hopes of converting shoppers by [...]

Is Jet Really Looking for a Wal-Mart Acquisition?

It has been exactly one year since Jet.com launched and they’ve made one of the biggest splashes in the ecommerce market since Amazon. They continue to grow and attract investors under CEO Marc Lore, who has some great accomplishments under his belt to say the least. As of now, the site has raised over $800M and is adding close to 350,000 customers per month. All in all, the Jet website does in fact offer a cleaner and more user-friendly experience [...]

Marc Lore is Not Backing Down to Amazon

The district of Montclair, N.J. has always been known for it’s restaurants, antique shops, and art-house movie theater. In the past year, it has become home to one of the fastest growing e-commerce businesses in the world. Marc Lore, former CEO of Quidsi and employee of Amazon, has taken e-commerce to the next level with Jet.com. Jet has taken over online shopping with its algorithmic-based pricing and free shipping in specific situations. Jet.com, like eBay and Alibaba, functions primarily as [...]

Addition of Necessary Details Leads to Higher Conversion Rates for Jet

Jet.com, having to compete with the e-commerce giant Amazon, is looking for any way to increase conversion rates.  Since it's launch last July, Jet has been working closely with UserTesting, a website testing and optimization service.  This partnership was created with the sole purpose of receiving feedback from customers as they shop online and to do so they added vital information customers were looking for on the product pages.  This information included fields such as shipping cost, hours of operation, [...]