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Wal-Mart to Prevail For Back-To-School

The NPD analyzed market research and predicted that Wal-Mart will make twice as much in online sales when compared to Amazon this Back-To-School season. This projection is based on Wal-Mart’s purchase of Jet.com in 2016, which has allowed them to gain experience in the ecommerce world. The acquisition added hundreds of thousands of new customers who will be eager to test out this marketplace during the busy shopping season. Back to school is the second largest shopping season [...]

E-commerce: Changing The World of Retail

The living room couch is easily replacing the local shopping center, and e-commerce is on the rise. Online shoppers are taking full advantage of being able to buy almost anything online just by the click of a button. As technology progresses, industries are constantly changing and consumers are pursuing the easiest and fastest approach to spend their money. The convenience of having a virtual cart that you don’t have to physically push around a store, and can leave unattended for [...]

SEO PT. 11 SEO Risk

Like the rest of life, every decision we make has risk involved. The three biggest decisions in SEO that involve risk are changes to the content, changes in any links, and changes in technology. Reducing your risk is important to securing your natural performance rankings even when routine changes modify your webpage. Changing Content Something as simple as changing certain words on a webpage can have a significant positive or negative impact on your natural search performance. To reduce the [...]

SEO PT. 10 Changes in Web Design

Any changes to page content, URL, and linking will always end up impacting your natural search performance. Search engine bots are constantly crawling sites to establish authority and relevance of each page. Any changes in it can impact how these bots interpret a website. When changing your website design, you are taking a risk, knowing these risks will help you minimize your mistakes and continue improving performance. Your webpage is essentially a map for the user. Each page is a [...]

SEO PT. 9: Crawlers

Web pages must be crawled by search engine bots in order to drive traffic, natural search rankings, and sales. The best search engine bots are able to interpret the web page as most users see it from the front end, take a snapshot of the page in different conditions, and compare the conditions to find meaning. That is only the best of the best, which in turn forces you to rely on if the advanced search engine bot makes [...]

How to Optimize On Page Elements

Keyword research will mean nothing to your site’s search engine rankings unless you go back behind it, research, and then optimize it. Aligning words used in the textual elements of the page with the words and context that people use when they search is the entire point of using your content to improve rankings. You want to provide consumers with information that people are actually searching for. Consumers should be using words from your research; most likely none of it [...]

SEO: Keyword Analysis

Beginning Keyword Research Keyword research tools are created by the set of words that are entered to request data from the tool. When thinking of a good list to start, one may start with your own site’s navigation. Hopefully it contains page options that mirror what people are looking for. Then add synonyms, types, and styles of each item. Even long keywords will be useful, as collecting keyword data can go very well once you start and the results are [...]

Blog Series: Keyword Research Concepts

Researching keywords lays all your groundwork for creating content in search marketing. This post will be some of the reasons why this is critical to business and where to obtain it. Keyword research is an underutilized source of free consumer research. People tell Google what they want every single day. E-Commerce companies should use this information to their advantage. Keyword Research can identify: • New products to innovate • New product to offer • Customer support topics • Ideas for buyer guides • New ways to create content to [...]

Jet.com Will Begin to Reap the Benefits of New Owner Wal-Mart

Watch out! Jet.com’s customer base, mainly made up of brand-conscious millennial shoppers, and they will now reap the benefits of their new owner Wal-Mart, with in-house brands. This will include Value, Equate, and Sam’s Choice now that the fulfillment center have all been linked up. This is just the beginning of the $3.3 billion acquisition of Jet.com, to challenge the e-commerce leader, Amazon. Wal-Mart and Jet.com will continue to run completely separate sites with two different target markets. [...]

Blog Series: SEO Part 3

Many companies put off SEO simple because they don’t know where to start. Yet the planning stage is just as hard as understanding the concept itself. In the planning stage, one must figure out whom to trust your information with, and how to staff/manage it. Businesses must take a step back, set goals, and determine how to accomplish them. This is a must step. Use the SMART acronym: Specific, Measurable, Assignable, Realistic, and Time-Based. When you know what your goals [...]