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The Growing E-Commerce Industry and How to Succeed In It?

Making money in your sleep is becoming more and more realistic as the e-commerce industry is growing rapidly each year. The impact of social networks and the development of cashless transactions have contributed enormously to this industry, which is growing at almost 20%. While making money in your sleep may be practical, it does take hard work to achieve. Many e-commerce companies create the product, launch a website and then wait for orders to be put in. Since you [...]

Jet.com VS Amazon, Should Sellers Ditch Amazon?

Many sellers have a firm opinion of selling on Amazon, however they have a reputation for being strict and unclear in their policies. With Jet.com launching Amazon could have some competition. Should sellers consider adding Jet as an additional channel? Jet promotes themselves as giving Partners the ability to “build a direct relationship with the customers you acquire”. Amazon does not provide buyer email; Sellers do not have the option to direct customers to other websites, etc. When selling on [...]

How to start selling on Jet.com

If you have recently decided to take the plunge and try out selling on Jet.com as a marketplace for your online business, the setup and listing process may be a bit different from what you have experienced selling on other online markets. You will first need to register and apply for your new account. Once you’ve been approved to sell on Jet.com you will need to set up your account. This includes all company policies, shipping policies, and bank information. After [...]

What makes shopping on Jet great?

What makes shopping on Jet great for buyers and sellers? In this blog post, I will discuss what Jet.com automatically provides to customers when purchasing items from merchants on Jet.com. Jet.com does not require a membership fee when initially joining its website. In addition, customers can increase the amount they save as they continue to shop since prices decrease in their shopping carts with the more items they add (buying in bulk can be a good thing). For orders [...]

Key Principles of Jet.com every Seller should be Aware of

Here are 4 pieces of advice for any newcomer selling on Jet.com: One should become familiar with Listing Tools Jet.com is growing at an insanely fast rate since it’s launch one year ago and it doesn’t seem to be slowing down anytime soon. There are many listing tools out there, but ListonJet.com is the best portal to expanding your business to the Jet.com marketplace.  LoJ provides you with the necessary resources to create listings, manage sales and returns, and more!  Once you have mastered ListonJet.com, you [...]

Marc Lore Enhances Jet.com’s Company Culture

CEO of Jet.com, Marc Lore, believes in open communication throughout the organization across all leadership levels. Enhancing Jet.com's company culture can allow employees to increase creativity and cause employees to feel more connected with the ultimate mission of the organization. In this article, I will discuss Lore’s reasoning behind this and how he has accomplished this with Jet.com! Jet.com’s employees are able to view the company’s daily sales, the salaries of all employees, how many new customers visited the Jet.com [...]

Frequently Asked Questions for List on Jet

We have received various questions from our List on Jetters and decided to share the most frequently asked questions for List on Jet (LoJ) from our current and future customers. Please let us know if this helped you! 1. Once my listings have been uploaded and synched to List on Jet, how long will it take Jet.com to approve the listings which display, “Under Jet.com Review”? Jet.com [...]

What Differentiates Jet.com from Amazon?

Some people classify Jet.com and Amazon as competitors…others identify them as allies. Regardless of these opinions, there are a few key differences between these marketplaces. Amazon is known for its superb shipping and delivery processes; therefore, Jet.com has had to find ways to distinguish itself from Amazon rather than replicate Amazon’s product offerings. Considering Jet.com just launched in 2014, the public is wondering how such a new company is projected to accumulate $1 billion in sales by May 2016. [...]

Jet.com’s Vision and Values

When choosing which marketplaces to sell your products on, it is important to understand the ultimate vision and values of the company to ensure the company aligns with your personal goals and objectives when starting or expanding your business. Jet.com tries to create a strong community of partners and members with the ultimate idea being that they are all a team and have to work together to succeed. In addition, the Jet marketplace makes a goal of working [...]

Jet.com’s Shopping Club

In this post, I will explain Jet.com's shopping club capabilities to ultimate consumers, which in turn will help your business with increased traffic to your listing site! According to Jet.com’s spokesperson, Kumail Nanjiani, the company created a new shopping club that allows customers to not be required to purchase products in bulk. Nanjiani explained how products on Jet.com are already posted at relatively low prices. Amazingly, if customers add other items to the already low-priced products, Jet.com will unlock additional [...]