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Jet.com VS Amazon, Should Sellers Ditch Amazon?

Many sellers have a firm opinion of selling on Amazon, however they have a reputation for being strict and unclear in their policies. With Jet.com launching Amazon could have some competition. Should sellers consider adding Jet as an additional channel? Jet promotes themselves as giving Partners the ability to “build a direct relationship with the customers you acquire”. Amazon does not provide buyer email; Sellers do not have the option to direct customers to other websites, etc. When selling on [...]

How to start selling on Jet.com

If you have recently decided to take the plunge and try out selling on Jet.com as a marketplace for your online business, the setup and listing process may be a bit different from what you have experienced selling on other online markets. You will first need to register and apply for your new account. Once you’ve been approved to sell on Jet.com you will need to set up your account. This includes all company policies, shipping policies, and bank information. After [...]

Jet Breaks Top 10 Fastest $1B Flips in Venture History

Starting a business isn't too difficult when you have all your pieces together.  The hardest task by far for an entrepreneur is making their business grow once it's launched.  Marc Lore, CEO of Jet.com, has mastered the e-commerce world and continues to be an extremely successful entrepreneur.  Wal-Mart just recently acquired Jet.com for over $3 billion and that put them in the Top 10!  To be more specific, the Top 10 fastest $1B flips in venture history: Airwatch (2014) - Bought by VMware for [...]

Jet.com Celebrates Anniversary with its Own Version of Prime Day

Many shoppers assumed that Amazon's annual Prime Day was going to be the last day of great deals for awhile.  Well lets just say they should be very happy to find out they're wrong.  Jet.com, Amazon's new and upcoming rival, is celebrating its one-year anniversary the best way possible and that's with 11 days of great deals!  All of the deals ranged from household and baby products to electronics and sporting goods. Jet has the hopes of converting shoppers by [...]

ListonJet.com Continues to be Successful Despite Launching Less than a Year Ago

ListonJet.com has been around for about as long as Jet.com itself, which means we are coming up on our first year anniversary! Although we have only been around for less than a year, it’s safe to say we’ve made some great accomplishments thus far. FinancesOnline.com, which is well known for it’s great reviews of companies, just released a review of List on Jet. Included in this review is our phenomenal user satisfaction rate of 92%, as well as the positive and negative [...]

Jet.com’s Growth Rate virtually 280 times Faster than Amazon’s

Over the past year there have been many people that have underestimated the benefits Jet.com brings to the table and it's ability to compete with Amazon and eBay.  Jet is laughing at the doubters now as their customer numbers are now at an all-time high of 3.6 million. That number may not seem too high compared to the customers using Amazon and eBay, but the biggest difference is the fact that they managed to achieve this number in only [...]

Jet.com Continuously Shows Expansion in 2016

Although Jet.com is relatively new and is still being introduced to sellers and users on different marketplaces, it continuously shows expansion. According to Scott Hilton, the CRO of Jet.com, it is forecasted to grow its sales by May 2016, amounting to a total of $1 billion! Since July 2015, Jet.com has experienced tremendous growth with a current total of approximately 1,600 sellers and approximately 3.6 million users! Unlike Amazon, Jet.com does not sell its own products on the website, but [...]

Products you should consider selling on Jet.com!

Last week, I reviewed which products you should avoid selling on Jet.com. This week, I will discuss which products you should consider selling on Jet.com and how they compare to Amazon. The following products are cheaper on Jet.com compared to Amazon, and can have the ability to increase your customer traffic: Health and Beauty Products Pet Supplies Electronics Baby Products Furniture Home and Garden Products Household Products Appliances Home Improvement Products Groceries In the health and beauty category, Jet.com won against Amazon in regards to selling cheaper products 86 percent of [...]

Jet Rules Engine – Find ways to make more money on Jet.com with this feature

Jet.com has put more control in the hands of their sellers with a newer feature called their Rules Engine. Here is a quick link to learn more. With the rules engine there are 4 different things you can do: Setup Shipping Distance Rules: This lets you configure how your orders are fulfilled so that the orders are routed to fulfillment nodes to save you the most money on shipping costs. Basket Building Rules: If one of your items make it to [...]