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Jet.com’s Shopping Club

In this post, I will explain Jet.com's shopping club capabilities to ultimate consumers, which in turn will help your business with increased traffic to your listing site! According to Jet.com’s spokesperson, Kumail Nanjiani, the company created a new shopping club that allows customers to not be required to purchase products in bulk. Nanjiani explained how products on Jet.com are already posted at relatively low prices. Amazingly, if customers add other items to the already low-priced products, Jet.com will unlock additional [...]

Jet.com partners with Emerald Brand

Jet.com partners with Emerald Brand! There is a great opportunity for small businesses to sell green products! The ultimate mission of Emerald Brand is to create sustainable products that consumers use on a daily basis such as cups, plates, soaps. One of Emerald Brand’s most popular products is their towel and tissue products that include the following benefits: • BPA-Free • Chlorine-Free • USDA Bio-Preferred Companies like Jet.com and Emerald Brand are seeing changes in consumer preferences for healthier, safer products. This is only the [...]

Acknowledgement – Something you need to know about selling on Jet.com

Unlike other sales channels like eBay or Amazon where once you get the sale, it is yours, Jet.com has a process that after a sale takes place the seller needs to acknowledge the order within 15 minutes to keep the order. If the order is not acknowledged within 15 minutes they could lose the order if there is another seller available to take it. This is a challenge for sellers as a sale could take place at any time and [...]