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SEO PT. 6 (To Be Cont.)

This is a to be continued from the last blog post all about optimizing your on-page elements. We left off Meta keywords, so in this blog we will start with keyword URLs. Keyword URLs Set the URL once and don’t change it again, unless your page changes so drastically that you’re forced to. URLs do not need to be changed every time the page is optimized. Treat it as your street address. Heading Tags Heading can represent your display, and creative SEO [...]

Which products sell best on Jet.com?

If you are considering selling on Jet.com you may want to know what products sell best on Jet. In this blog post I will discuss what products sell best and what is the target market of Jet. Jet builds towards a broad catalog which compares to Amazon’s “everything store,” many shoppers will have a hard time finding a wide selection of products that aren’t related to the household. Jet’s core focus for its shoppers is products that focus on the [...]

Products you should consider selling on Jet.com!

Last week, I reviewed which products you should avoid selling on Jet.com. This week, I will discuss which products you should consider selling on Jet.com and how they compare to Amazon. The following products are cheaper on Jet.com compared to Amazon, and can have the ability to increase your customer traffic: Health and Beauty Products Pet Supplies Electronics Baby Products Furniture Home and Garden Products Household Products Appliances Home Improvement Products Groceries In the health and beauty category, Jet.com won against Amazon in regards to selling cheaper products 86 percent of [...]